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Discover the power of ROMTech, the leader in advanced orthopedic rehab technology. Patients recovering from total knee replacement, total hip replacement, joint manipulations, ACL, and other arthroscopic repairs recover in half the time when doctors prescribe our medical devices. By enabling patients to complete therapy from the safety and privacy of their home, our patented telemedicine technology leads to faster outcomes, unparalleled pain management, and a faster return to quality of life.


The PortableConnect

The power of ROMTech

Accelerated Recovery At Home:

At-home rehabilitation enables knee and hip patients to begin therapeutic motion as early as the day of surgery, helping patients regain range of motion in half the time of traditional physical therapy.

Superior Clinical Outcomes:

On average, patients meet or exceed their pre-operative range of motion by 2 weeks after surgery, report significant reduction in pain and narcotic usage, and regain full activity and mobility weeks earlier compared to traditional therapy.

Lower Cost of Medical Care:

With coverage by most insurance payers, faster recovery times, fewer readmissions, and a reduction in physical therapy visits, ROMTech dramatically cuts the cost of care for patients and providers alike.

Who is ROMTech for?


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“The thing I liked the most was that I didn’t have to leave my house and I could rehab five times a day.”

– Becky Manion, PortableConnect Patient

Faster recovery, better results

In pilot studies, patients using the PortableConnect adaptive telemed technology regained range of motion faster, experienced less pain, and achieved better outcomes, with significantly lower cost of care.

On average, PortableConnect patients meet or exceed their pre-operative range of motion by just 2 weeks after knee surgery.



Range of Motion After 2 Weeks


patients using PortableConnect recovered range of motion 2 weeks post-op

Standard Care


Range of Motion After 2 Weeks


patients using standard Care recovered range of motion 2 weeks post-op

Cutting costs of care

Quicker discharges, faster recoveries, and better outcomes lead to significantly lower cost of care. ROMTech has been shown to drastically cut the cost of care when used immediately following knee or hip surgery.


Total savings per patient

1-5 Days
Hospital / Clinic

5-10 Days
Acute Rehab

6-12 Visits
Home Health Therapist

10-20 Visits
Outpatient Therapy

Earlier Discharge

Skip Acute Rehab

Save 3-10 Visits

Save 5-15 Visits

About ROMTech

ROMTech is improving patient outcomes through cutting-edge rehabilitation technologies, enabling patients to quickly regain range of motion, ambulation, and strength following injury or surgery.