Wendy Para

Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff Wendy Para resides at the heart of ROMTech’s leadership team, representing the CEO across all divisions of the company and ensuring that the executive group has the logistical support and operational bandwidth needed to function at full speed. With an educational background in the medical field—she is a Certified Medical Assistant from Maric College in San Marcos, California, and a Certified Emergency Medical Technician from Miramar College in Mira Mesa, California—and well over two decades working closely with business leaders in a variety of fields, Mrs. Para brings a highly-relevant level of expertise to her work with ROMTech. Prior to joining ROMTech, Mrs. Para served as Executive Assistant at a regional biotech company that was acquired by global chemical giant BASF for $62 million dollars. Additionally, Mrs. Para held managerial roles and served as Executive Assistant at Accumen, a medical research company with well over $1 billion dollars in its research management portfolio.