The ROMTech ProCycle can be found in care facilities and outpatient rehabilitation clinics nationwide. Featuring our patented individually adaptive pedal technology, the ProCycle allows for dynamic treatment protocols, customized to each individual patient.

What is the ProCycle?

Our adjustable pedal technology lets patients begin lower extremity rehabilitation immediately following injury, utilizing next-generation rehabilitation features. Its radius and angle is adapted to the individual, allowing the ProCycle to facilitate early mobilization through active-assisted, active, and resistive modes. Early mobilization enables patients to recover quicker and achieve better outcomes with less pain. While most out-patient clinics use stationary bikes to rehab patients by rocking back and forth, the ProCycle allows full revolutions in 100% of the patients who start their rehabilitation protocols with this device.

Our pilot studies have shown the ProCycle:

  • Assists in post-surgical recovery up to 50% faster than traditional protocols
  • Reduces pain
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves blood and lymphatic flow
  • Reduced joint stress
  • Reduces fatigue with activity
  • Reduces sedentary state
  • Reduces need for narcotics and other analgesics

“We were confident that ROMTech was going to be a game changer for our clinic and for our patients.”

– Dr. Priscella Amponsah


Faster Recovery

Pilot studies show ProCycle patients are recovering in half the time compared to standard recumbent bike therapies


Patients Achieve Full Extension

On average, patients are reaching 0° extension by the time they are discharged from their out-patient therapy


Full Revolution on Day 1

All patients using the ProCycle are able to complete full revolutions at the start of their rehabilitation plan

To order a ProCylce for your rehabilitation center, please contact a ROMTech representative for pricing and delivery options at 1-888-457-6430

Rehabilitation Clinic Resources

User Manual:

Download delivery and operating instructions pdf for your staff


Staff Training Video:

Watch our training video to learn more about the operation and care for your ProCycle



Download our ProCycle literature for your patients to learn more about the equipment they will be using for their rehabilitation plan.


“As a cardiothoracic surgeon, one of the most important elements in recovery for my patient is safe and active postoperative rehabilitation. The ROMTech Accu-Radius™ system represents a remarkable innovation in rehabilitation technology that has been absent for too long. I immediately recognized the clinic application of this device and the extraordinary potential for market growth in a field that essentially has no competitors.” — Nicholas Dang, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon 

Clinic Testimonials

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